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CD: Partitas for Violin solo, Bwv 1002,1004 & 1006
  • CD: Partitas for Violin solo, Bwv 1002,1004 & 1006

     This CD features the works for solo violin, BWV 1002, 1004, and 1006 by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed with precision and passion by Linus Roth. Roth's technical mastery and deep emotional connection to the music shine through in his interpretation, making this recording a must-have for any fan of Bach's violin music. The rich and resonant sound of the violin, combined with Roth's nuanced phrasing and expressive playing, creates an immersive and captivating listening experience. Whether you are a seasoned Bach aficionado or new to his work, this CD is sure to be a breathtaking addition to your music collection.

    • Rezension

      "Roth enchants above all with the elegance of his tone, which is free of all technical playing noises..... his interpretation is captivating because of the fine narrative style, which always lets the musical strand come to our ears in a refined, subtle way and yet never slackens in tension or would even produce boredom....on the basis of the original texts and after intensive study of the historical playing style, to play his modern set-up Stradivarius with an equally new bow, but precisely to transfer the historical articulation to it. Just listen and enjoy." ( Pizzicato Magazin)

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