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CD: Weinberg: Light into Darkness
  • CD: Weinberg: Light into Darkness

    Following Weinberg's relocation to Moscow in 1943, facilitated by Shostakovich, he composed the Piano Trio op.24 in 1945. This recording draws from a 1945 manuscript copy, preserving the composer's original intentions for dynamics, phrasing, and unique aspects of the piece. Until Weinberg's passing in 1996, his compositions were frequently celebrated by Russian performers, and they are now gradually gaining recognition on the international concert scene. The Piano Trio, alongside his vast body of work, demonstrates Weinberg's profound command over various compositional forms, genres, and styles, all deeply influenced by his own life's significant events.

    • Rezension

      "10/10 This shot is full of adrenaline and deserves the highest praise" (Luister Magazine) 

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