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CD: Virtuoso Dances
  • CD: Virtuoso Dances

    In 2020, confined to his home with no forthcoming performances, Linus Roth revisited his notebooks filled with sporadic musical thoughts accumulated over the years. It was then that a particular idea captured his attention: a recording program consisting of his favorite pieces for violin and piano, unified by their virtuosic nature and dance rhythms. Motivated by the idea of uplifting spirits through dance music, Roth reached out to his long-standing musical companion, pianist José Gallardo.


    Just five weeks later, they seized a remarkable chance to record the album in the breathtakingly beautiful and sonically unparalleled Library of the former monastery in Ochsenhausen, Germany, now serving as the Music Academy of Baden-Württemberg.

    • Rezension

      "Roth finds a silvery sweetness for the more lyrical sections of the Stravinsky, an earthy fullness for the Brahms and skitters through the harmonics and left-hand pizzicato passages of the Wieniawski... " BBC Music Magazine

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