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CD - SamBach
  • CD - SamBach

    Our Album SamBach was released Sept. 2023. A unique musical journey starting from Bach, finding its way via Villa-Lobos to the most famous Samba melodies. This project represents a celebration of freedom, both musically and spiritually. SamBach can be regarded as an Ode to freedom, friendship, and especially intercultural dialogue between people of different nations.


    It represents the seldom fusion in which a German musician immerses in the rhythms of Samba in Brazil, accompanied by an ensemble from Rio de Janeiro that embraces the German composer Bach as their guiding light.

    • Rezensionen

      "…calls to mind Stéphane Grappelli’s own mastery. Roth and his 1703 Stradivarius certainly shine in this emblematic selection of Brazilian Samba." ( BBC Music Magazine) 

       "…in a class of its own – lively, simmering, sparking. Addictive!" (Concerti.deMagazin)

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